The Predators

D. Lynn DeVault

of Jones Management Services

D. Lynn DeVault has been president of Jones Management Services since 2000. A staunch opponent of reforming the payday lending industry to protect consumers, DeVault has defended charging payday lending fees, which could be as high as 910 percent APR. She has also said that it is “nothing new” that payday lenders prey on the most vulnerable.

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Jamie Fulmer

of Advance America

This payday lending mouthpiece and prolific tweeter openly admits that payday loans are risky. He also says that consumers find themselves trapped in debt cycles because they like payday loans so much.

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Rod “Legitimate Businessman” Aycox

of Select Management Resources

A college drop out, failed insurance salesman, and former used car salesman, Rod Aycox is many things but he is not a payday lender. He runs Select Management Resources, the parent company of LoanMax and other title loan companies where cash strapped customers offer the titles of their automobiles as collateral for short-term loans. As you might expect, the title loan industry – like the payday lending industry – traps customers in a cycle of debt.

More than a simple mom and pop lender, Aycox is said to have done more to expand the availability of title loans than anyone. He has even been called the industry’s “most impassioned evangelist.” Not exactly a yearbook superlative of which to be proud.

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Tracy “Silver Spoon” Rawle

of Check City

Tracy Rawle took over payday lender Check City from his now deceased father but he has been intimately involved in the business for years, previously serving as the company’s vice president.

The late Richard M. Rawle was allegedly involved in a scheme to bribe Senator Harry Reid of Nevada in order to kill an FTC investigation of a now-indicted Utah businessman, and also is alleged to have illegally given $17,000 in gold coins to the former Utah Attorney General, who is currently facing numerous felony charges including bribery and receiving unlawful gifts.

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Dennis “Trojan Horse” Bassford

of Money Tree, Inc.

Dennis Jay Bassford co-founded payday lender MoneyTree, Inc. in 1983 with his family. It now extends across five western states, with Washington State being its largest market. He has served as its CEO since 2008.

Bassford has repeatedly opposed regulations on the payday lending industry, claiming that those who wanted to regulate payday loans were “underestimating his customers.” At the same time, he has claimed that his company offers financial literacy programs but his knowledge of those programs when pushed for details by a reporter were foggy at best. What about programs for the customers he traps in a cycle of debt? About that he was clear, stating, “We’re not conducting programs with our customers.”

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Darrin “Book Ban” Andersen

of QC Holdings

Since his hire in 1998, Darrin Andersen has worked his way up from CFO to President to CEO at QC Holdings, a company that helped “pioneer” payday lending.

During this time, Andersen has been an ardent critic of efforts that seek to protect struggling Americans from payday lenders. Recently, he argued that banning payday loans would be comparable to banning books because they both cost consumers money. Seriously. This coming from a guy who serves as Chair of the Communications Committee of the Consumer Financial Services Association of America – the payday industry’s special interest lobbying group.

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Patrick “Inside Man” O’Shaughnessy

of Advance America

John Patrick O’Shaughnessy (better known as Patrick O’Shaughnessy) is the CEO of Advance America, one of the nation’s largest payday lenders. He is also Chair of the Board of Directors of Community Financial Services Association of America – the payday industry’s special interest trade group, which has a history of trying to block efforts in Washington and across the nation to protect hard working families from the predatory practices of its member companies.

Most recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) handpicked O’Shaughnessy for a three-year term on its Consumer Advisory Board (you read that right… Consumer Advisory Board).

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C. Dan “Subprime” Adams

of The Capital Corporation

Casey Daniel Adams (better known as C. Dan Adams) founded The Capital Corporation, an investment-banking firm that shares an office with Integrity Texas Funding, a company through which Adams invests in the consumer lending industry. Adams is an active leader in the payday industry. He serves on the board of the Community Financial Services Association of America – the payday industry’s special interest trade group, which fights efforts in Washington and across the nation to protect hard working families from the predatory practices of its member companies.

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Kip “Bad Boy” Cashmore

of USA Cash Services

Kip Cashmore almost doesn’t need a nickname since he appears to have been named with his life’s work in mind. The owner of USA Cash Services – a payday lender with dozens of stores in the western United States – Cashmore’s claim to fame is having been identified in an investigation of Utah Attorney General John Swallow for donating tens-of-thousands of dollars through a web of non-profits to conceal his identity. The contributions were made after Swallow told Cashmore that he would be an ally against regulating the payday lending industry. Swallow even thanked Cashmore for his help on Election Day via text message. Is there an emoticon for shady?

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Donald “Bad Boss” Gayhardt

of Tiger Financial Management/Speedy Cash

Donald Gayhardt is the CEO of payday lender Tiger Financial Management/Speedy Cash and Secretary and Treasurer of the Community Financial Services Association of America. Prior to joining Speedy Cash, Gayhardt was President of Dollar Financial, a large payday lending company. While at Dollar Financial, Gayhardt called payday loans a “bargain” for the low-wage service workers that are the bread and butter of the industry, and he opposed a 36% rate cap saying it would “bankrupt” the company.

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Ian “Lifetime Ban” MacKechnie

of Amscot Financial, Inc.

In 1986, Ian MacKechnie moved his family from Scotland to America and settled in Tampa, Florida where he started Amscot, a leading payday lender and one-time insurance company.

Twelve years later, MacKechnie and Amscot were charged with fraud and racketeering. Criminal charges against MacKechnie were reportedly dropped in exchange for his agreeing to a lifetime ban on selling insurance in Florida and Amscot’s guilty plea to civil charges on racketeering. That didn’t stop his payday lending business though.

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Ted “Watergate” Saunders

of Community Choice Financial, Inc.

William E. Saunders Jr., also known as Ted “Watergate” Saunders, has been the Chief Executive Officer of payday lender Community Choice Financial, Inc. since June 2008.

Saunders has long fought to block regulation of the payday lending industry. Recently, he equated a supposed federal crackdown on payday lenders with Watergate and called it “government overreach.” He also equated closing payday lending stores with closing hospitals. Seriously.

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